- Aug 2, 2021


Download the AIRSTEP Updater

How To Upgrade your firmware?

Press and hold the footswitch D of AIRSTEP Series, and turn on the power switch. When the second footswitch LED from the left is on, it means upgrade mode has been entered.

1. Please allow the AIRSTEP Updater to use Bluetooth.
2. Choose the product model you own in “SELECT UPDATE MODEL”.
3. Allow the system location permission, choose “AIRSTEP” in “SELECT UPDATE DEVICE”.
4. Choose the firmware that needs to upgrade in “SELECT UPDATE FILE”.
5. Click “START UPDATE” to start the upgrade.

1. The device list is empty?
Please allow the app to use location permission and Bluetooth permission.

2. Can’t find the AIRSTEP on the device list?
a. Please press and hold the D footswitch then turn on the AIRSTEP.
b. If you sew DfuXXXXX on the list, this happens when some earlier versions of AIRSTEP enter the upgrade mode, which is normal. Please select this DfuXXXXX to upgrade.

3. Failed to load due to network problems?Click click to refresh the page, if it doesn’t work, restart the APP.