- June 29, 2021

How to set AIRSTEP + Beats and Loops to Looper your Spark Amp

Official Video Tutorial for Setting AIRSTEP/AIRSTEP Lite + Beats and Loops (Android/iOS) to Control And Looper your Spark Amp. After setting, you can use AIRSTEP to control, looper the Spark Amp, and use the drum machine!

Please note that AIRSTEP Spk Edition CAN NOT use the looper function.

Before setting, you need to prepare:


Beats and Loops:

Spark Amp's USB cable, and an OTG or Lightning camera adaptor for your smart device. Please choose the OTG that fits the interface type of your smart device.

Key Steps:

1. Connect your smart device with Spark Amp via the OTG/Lightning adaptor and USB cable.

2. Load the"Spark + Beats'n'Loops" preset in AIRSTEP App, and save it to AIRSTEP.

3. Assign MIDI messages (sending from AIRSTEP) in Bluetooth MIDI Settings of Beats and Loops.

4. Enjoy!

For full detailed settings, please refer to the video.

Important Note: For the Android device, your loop recording may have latency due to the limitations of the Android system.

If you only need to control Spark Amp without looper function, please purchase AIRSTEP Spk Edition: https://xsonicaudio.com/pages/airstepsparkedition