- Feb 23, 2021

XTONE Series control the AUV3 plugins on iOS

This is a tutorials for XTONE Series to control the Quantiloop. Follow this tutorials you can use the XTONE to Rec, Play, Due or undo in Quantiloop. In this case we using BIAS FX for the guitar effect, you can use other like Ge labs or Amplitube is same.

1. We need to turn on the "Background audio mode" and "MIDI control" in BIAS FX. If you using XTONE Pro, You can keep two footswitches to control your BIAS FX, like change preset. 

2. Open the Quantiloop and turn on the "Background audio mode", set the input to "BIAS FX".

3. Quantiloop's MIDI control can be matched tap, double-tap, and long-pressing of the footswitches. Because XTONE long-pressing the footswitch will switch the control group, the control of long-pressing will not be used in the setting. Taking XTONE as an example, we can set two of the footswitches as:

4. Setting the tempo sync, it has "Set and Follow", "Follow" and "OFF". We recomand to use the "Set and follow".

5. Now all the setting has finish, LOOP!