- Feb 23, 2021

XTONE Series control the AUV3 plugins on iOS

This is a tutorial for XTONE Series to control the AUV3 plugins on iOS. If you want to control your AUV3 plugins like Eventide plugins, Nembrini plugins...etc, on iOS. This tutorial will help you.

1. Download the AUM app, this app is an audio mixer, recorder, and connection hub for your iOS devices.

2. Make sure XTONE is connected and be chosen as the audio device.

3. Click the red words below. 

4. Click the “ 🎚 “, and drag XTONE as MIDI Source.

5. Enter the MIDI parameters panel of the AUV3 plugin you want to control(Take Eventide Blackhole as an example). Press A+C Footswitches on XTONE Series to enter the MIDI Command Mode 2, then MIDI Learn to assign footswitches to parameters.

6. After the assignment, just enjoy! Please save your session or all thing will be clear when you quit.