Smart Multi Controller

Compatible with Multi Software

Support DAW, Plugin, Youtube, Music Score, Looper...etc

Multi Interface

5-Pin MIDI IN, 2*5-Pin MIDI OUT, 2*Footswitch Out, 2*Expression Pedal IN

Mobile APP Editor

All the parameters on AIRSTEP are edited by mobile APP via Bluetooth, which is the ultimate intuitive and convenient way for editing. 

AIRSTEP Combo Mode

AIRSTEP Lite can not only be used independently but can also be used as AIRSTEP's wireless extension footswitches. AIRSTEP Lite can wirelessly control all wired devices connected to AIRSTEP. 

AIRSTEP Special Edition 

AIRSTEP Kat Edition

"The Ultimate Footswitch for KATANA Amp"

AIRSTEP Spk Edition

"The Ultimate Footswitch for Spark Amp"


"The Perfect Wireless Footswitch for Yamaha THR-II"


"The Perfect Wireless Footswitch for KATANA-AIR and WAZA-AIR"

AIRSTEP Kat Edition can switch channels, toggle effects and change effect types of KATANA 50/100/Head/Artist MkII & I. Modify Amp sound with BTS App for iOS and Android, Wirelessly! 

AIRSTEP Spk Edition can change presets, toggle effects for Spark, and make the Amp capable of looper. 

AIRSTEP YT Edition can switch slots and toggle effects of the THR-II series including THR10II, THR10IIW, THR30IIW, THR30IIA. Direct control, No THR App connectivity required, Work out of the box!

AIRSTEP BW Edition can switch the channel and toggle the effect of KATANA-AIR and WAZA-AIR, wirelessly. 

XTONE Series

Smart Audio Interface


Professional Audio Interface


Guitar Audio Interface


Guitar & Mic Audio Interface

High Audio Quality

192kHZ | 108~114dB | 24bit

MIDI Control

MIDI Footswitches+Expression pedal IN+MIDI IN/OUT(Pro Only)

Live Gig

Portable mobile audio interface for the live gig.

Home Practice

XTONE is an incredible practice tool. With the powerful smart app, XTONE can be your Youtube controller, Page turner, Looper, Backing track player, etc.


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