Brad Whitford

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Guitarist of Aerosmith. As a top rock star, he and Aerosmith represent the golden era of hard rock.

Slash, lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses cites Whitford as one of his heaviest influences.

Brad uses XTONE Series as the backstage lightweight gear during the tour, we are very honored that Brad uses and enjoys our products.

Thomas William Hamilton

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American musician, best known as the bassist for the hard rock band Aerosmith.

He has regularly co-written songs for Aerosmith, including two of the band's biggest hits: "Sweet Emotion" (1975) and "Janie's Got a Gun" (1989).

Tom uses XTONE Series for his lightweight instrument rig.

Tom Quayle

Youtube | Instagram | Website

One of the foremost fusion legato players in the world with a strong reputation for both playing and teaching.

Tom having produced a large number of highly acclaimed tuition products for his own website and Lick Library.

Tom uses XTONE Series with effect plugins as his traveling rig, and AIRSTEP series for his studio.

Henning Pauly

Youtube | Facebook | Website

Also known as EytschPi42 or HP42, (born July 25, 1975 in Hirschhausen) is a German musician, music producer, guitarist and youtuber who runs the most successful German guitar channel on YouTube despite its English-language videos.

It has over 119,000 subscribers and 35 million clicks on over 2400 uploaded content.

Henning uses two AIRSTEP Combos in both of 42 Studio A and B.

Phillip McKnight

Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

Luthier who started building and repairing basses and guitars in 2003.

His videos are filled with easy and simple hacks to improve most instruments, useful and applicable guitar lessons as well as insightful, in-depth discussions on different aspects of the world of guitar.

Phillip uses XTONE series for his lightweight guitar rig.

Leon Todd

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Leon Todd is a guitarist, composer and educator who has toured the world with his original power trio Ragdoll.

In addition to his output as an artist and session musician, Leon is a prominent content creator with a popular Youtube channel covering gear reviews, tutorials and lessons.

Leon uses AIRSTEP series with his FM3, Eventide pedals and DAW.

Perfecto De Castro

Youtube | Instagram | Website

Best known as the original guitarist of 90s Filipino band Rivermaya and remains one of the most influential guitarists from the Philippines.

Perfecto now shares his musical knowledge and expertise through videos hosted on his popular YouTube Channel.

Perfecto uses XTONE Series and AIRSTEP series for his travel and studio rig.

Carlos Morgado

Youtube | Instagram | Website

Guitarist, producer, composer and experienced teacher worked with has worked with numerous internationally recognized artists over 15 years.

He has taught in some of the most acclaimed music schools of Spain and currently continues his musical activity in London, with his own online guitar school named Masguitarra.

Carlos uses XTONE Pro with his guitar lessons.

Sergey Tabachnikov

Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

Made in USSR in 1987, talented guitarist in Russia, and the frontman of the band Nobody.

One, which has done over 600 shows in 10 years from East Europe to Asia. Sergey is also a famous Youtuber, produces many music-related videos in Russian.

Sergey uses XTONE Series for travel rig and AIRSTEP Series for his studio.

Karl Golden

Youtube | Instagram | Website

Musician and author from London, UK. He has played hundreds of gigs with many different original, function and cover bands/artists.

With over 245000 Youtube subscribers, Karl concentrates on the guitar education content and has released several books.

Karl uses AIRSTEP series to control the ATEM Pro and music related devices in his studio.

Devon Blue Whitaker

Youtube | Instagram | Website

American singer, songwriter, guitarist and pedal fanatic.

Devon is also the frontman, singer, guitarist and lyricist of the band Boy Indigo, which inspired by retro soul, psychedelic rock & roll, jazz and lofi hip hop alike.

Devon uses XTONE Series with some VSTs together to make beautiful ambient tone.

Oswaldo Contramaestre

Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

Venezuelan guitar player and productor residing in Canada who has made many international tours in several countries.

He has also participated in recordings of different albums and international projects.

He also produces audiovisual material on his YouTube channel where you can find reviews of guitar.

Oswaldo uses XTONE Series as his software effects rig and AIRSTEP for his Fractal products.

Lucien Lai

Youtube | Instagram | Bilibili

Talented Chinese guitarist and guitar teacher, his genres are Blues, Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Progressive.

Born in 2001, Lucien won the 1st place of Ibanez Flying Fingers China 2019. Lucien is currently studying at Nanjing University of the Arts, majoring in jazz guitar.

Lucien uses XTONE Series as his tiny tour rig.

Zhang Qing

Youtube | Instagram | Bilibili

Talented Chinese guitarist, Neoclassical/Progressive metal based, lead guitarist of the band Barque of Dante.

Born in 1998, Qing is already the top new generation guitarist in China. He is the first guy of the biggest shred collab song in China (2020).

Qing uses XTONE Series with several effects apps.