AIRSTEP is an unprecedented foot controller, which can control almost all music-related devices around you.



AIRSTEP can control all devices with MIDI interface.


Legacy MIDI Interface


AIRSTEP can also control devices with a footswitch interface. Like some pedals and amps that without the MIDI interface.


Footswitch Interface


Legacy Footswitch


AIRSTEP can wirelessly control software on mobile phones, tablets and computers via Bluetooth MIDI and HID. Like effect software, Plugin, DAW, etc.

It can even control the play/pause, backward and forward of YouTube guitar lessons, page-turning of the music score, completely freeing your hands!


GarageBand Recording Control


YouTube Guitar Lesson Control


All of these functions can be easily set by the AIRSTEP APP Editor. Don't want to set it up? No problem, there are massive online presets in the APP, which can be loaded with one click, truly plug and play!


Setup with APP Editor

Search for AIRSTEP in the app store and download

AIRSTEP can send up to 8 different control messages at one time. The messages sent include: MIDI, HID(computer keyboard messages) and Footswitch. The interfaces for sending messages include: Legacy MIDI out, Footswitch out, USB and Bluetooth.

The trigger of AIRSTEP's five switches can be set to press, release and long-press at the same time. Each trigger method can be assigned a different control message to ensure that everyone's needs are met.


Interface Description


Control Hardware

Control pedals, amps, etc.


AIRSTEP can control pedals, amps and other equipment with MIDI, USB and Footswitch interface. It sends highly customizable messages through the above interfaces to achieve powerful control functions.


Control Devices via Legacy MIDI Interface


Control Devices via Footswitch Interface


Control Devices via USB


AIRSTEP can send up to 8 messages at one time, which means it can control 8 different devices with one press. Whether it is pedals, amps, or other equipment, as long as it has one of the above three interfaces, it can be perfectly controlled.

AIRSTEP can also control the advanced functions of a single device, such as the LOOP function of Kemper Amps. To achieve this function, multiple MIDI messages need to be sent to the KPA at the same time, and usually only the original controller can realize it.


Control LOOP Function of Kemper Amps


Control Software

Control effect software, Plugin, DAW, etc.


AIRSTEP can send MIDI messages to mobile phones, tablets and computers via Bluetooth, to control various music software. Whether it is a live performance with an effect software or DAW recording, hands-free control can be achieved.

Effect Software Control


Control with Expression Pedal


Drum Machine Software Control


Loop Machine Software Control


Control DAW for Recording


Besides, the unique USB HOST function of AIRSTEP can not only control pedals that only have USB interface such as the ZOOM MS series, but it can also convert a traditional MIDI controller into a Bluetooth MIDI controller.

Conver Traditional MIDI Controller to Bluetooth


Replace Computer Keyboard

It can do all the work of a computer keyboard


AIRSTEP can send HID messages to mobile phones, tablets and computers. HID messages are messages sent by the computer keyboard. You can assign any key of the keyboard to AIRSTEP's footswitches.

When playing guitar, sometimes you need to watch the video lessons or music scores, you always have to use your hand to pause the video, or turn the page. Now, with AIRSTEP, everything can be controlled with your feet, and you can concentrate on your playing!

Video Lessons Control


Music Player Control


Turning Page of Music Score


The Guitar Pro Control


You can also use AIRSTEP to control the phone's video or camera functions. What if you don't have enough hands when you play a mobile game? With AIRSTEP, use your feet!

What a computer keyboard can do, AIRSTEP can do it all. Now, use your imagination to unlock your secrets of control!

Control Phone's Camera Function


Game Control


APP Editor

Use the easiest way to complete the setup


Using the AIRSTEP APP Editor, you can set up the control functions in the easiest way. It doesn't matter if you don't want to set it up, the APP provides massive online presets, which can already control most pedals, amps and software. One-click loading, plug and play!

Loading Massive Online Presets


If you want a more flexible control function, APP also provides a highly customizable setting interface to meet your most demanding needs.

Highly Customizable Setting Interface



Search for AIRSTEP in the app store and download, for iOS and Android.




Lite version, not lite


AIRSTEP Lite has removed all hardware control interfaces and only kept the Bluetooth interface. This means that Lite can only connect to mobile phones, tablets and computers to control software, but cannot control hardware devices. In addition to this, the other functions of Lite are the same as AIRSTEP.



Not only that, but Lite can also be used as an extended footswitch for AIRSTEP, increasing the total number of switches to 10. Moreover, there is a wireless connection between Lite and AIRSTEP, which means you can use Lite to wirelessly control all the hardware devices connected to AIRSTEP!

Lite as a Wireless Extension Footswitch


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