Control your Spark!AIRSTEP V1.8 FIRMWARE UPGRADE(BETA) Test invitation

Apr 30 , 2021


Control your Spark!AIRSTEP V1.8 FIRMWARE UPGRADE(BETA) Test invitation

The V1.8 Firmware upgrade is especially for Spark users. If you are a Spark user and want to control it with AIRSTEP, Please let us know!!! The V1.8 Firmware BETA will be released to those who want to test it!
Email( us! We will send you the Firmware and tutorials within 24 hours.
Be the first to enjoy this feature, there is only one requirement that is to share details of controlling Spark with AIRSTEP or anything about Spark on your social media!
What’s new (Update List):
1. Wireless control the Spark amp, directly, without connecting to Spark APP.
When AIRSTEP is running, it will automatically search for the nearby Spark amp and connect. After the connection is successful, the connection indicator will be in solid green.
AIRSTEP can control the following parameters of the Spark amp:
Switch to the next channel;
Switch to the previous channel;
Switch to a specific channel;
Toggle On/Off DRIVE effect;
Toggle On/Off MOD effect;
Toggle On/Off DELAY effect;
Toggle On/Off REVERB effect;

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